The Secret Garden of Arthur Drake (Cont.)

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A letter to a Colleague.

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“…When ever I reflect back upon the experiments we conducted it seems like an age has passed. The vigour that we began with, having such passion and delight for our gaze into the captured light of suns, has now long receded into the frozen past that we fixed. Now we are old men, residing in our respective mausoleums awaiting the inevitable. And as I write to you I wonder what evidence shall I provide to affirm my prior existence? The cadaver that’ll leave behind shall of course be my physical entity relinquished, but it is only the sum of my parts. Am I not more than that? A death is after all not an empirical event; it is an abstraction of which measurement proved even too great for our instruments and talents. All that we shall physically bequeath to our descendants is our bodies and the traces we have burned into the earth {….} and yet, if your body does not or cannot indicate your own purpose and desire may not its shadow, its surrogate, do so for you? I eagerly await your response.”

It Felt Like A Kiss…

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Adam Curtis is a documentary maker who has created some of the best documentaries i have ever seen. His style of editing and choice of sound track is almost always unsurpassed. Not only that but he is an incredibly articulate and indefatigable researcher of life, politics and society.

The following is a sample of his work for television and of his general style:

The following is a link to one of his best works, It Felt Like A Kiss. Sadly the BBC doesn’t allow embedding for copyright reasons, but i would completely recommend going there to watch it.

This here is also a link to his blog on the BBC website in general. I’m a bit of an evangelist for this man.

The Secret Garden of Arthur Drake.

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This is a new film from the director Peter Greenaway. Famous for several other highly regarded films such as The Draughtman’s Contract, A Zed and Two Noughts and The Cook, The Thief, The Wife and her Lover.

Entitled Nightwatching it is a film about the Dutch master Rembrandt and the story of his making, and subsequent reaction to his supposed Magnum Opus, The Nightwatch (Or The Company of Frans Banning Cocq and Willem van Ruytenburch, if you want the official name).

The film reveals several unusual, and often revelatory aspects about this painting that i found utterly fascinating. While the film did however have a tendency to become obsessed with trying to weave a narrative into the plot, i was more than happy to have found a documentary by Greenaway about the painting and the film entitled Rembrandt’s J’Accuse.

This is the trailer for the actual film.

This is the trailer for Rembrandt’s J’Accuse.


The Hotel Anderson

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Visual diaries (or) How I Stopped Worrying and learned to hate them profusely

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Bloody hell i hate visual diaries. There is not much in this world that inspires greater apathy or remorse in me than the thought of having to make/write/cobble together an average body of research.

Don’t get me wrong, i completely understand the necessity of making one for the purposes of academic marking. As a method of acquiring my research and progress into a single document it is a very efficient way of doing this. But, as a supposedly functioning “diary” it is quite awful. I don’t like how they imply that i am to stupid to remember what i have looked at or who i have been reading.

I also resent the fact that there are only so many ways you can express your admiration/fondness/preference to a photograph or artist before it descends into a simple nursery rhyme of “I like this Photo. It is nice.” Obviously there are reason you like the image, the composition, the lighting, what it depicted etc, which is ultimately what your trying to say anyway!

I’m annoyed now. Perhaps this clip from the American drama Mad Men will remind me why i do still love photography. It’s about advertising admittedly but is completely relevant to photography itself.

I like this Clip. It is nice. (It wouldn’t let me embed it, sorry).

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